The Trail’s starting point is in the heart of the village, near the church dedicated to Agia Eirini and the location “Selladi tis Straorouthkias”, whereas it terminates at the hideouts also known as the “Caves of Dighenis”.

The length of the trail is 5 km and it takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to cross.

While walking along the trail, one crosses a rough pine forest. However, hikers do not simply encounter rough pine trees but also a lot of types of flora such as the golden oak, Greek strawberry Trees, terebinths, common sages, thyme, cistus and curry plants. 

Additionally, the trail hikers encounter several species of fauna. The most important species include hares, foxes and birds such as partridges, woodpigeons, common kestrels and magpies. 

Finally, hikers have the opportunity to enjoy the splendid view towards the Morfou Bay, as well as to visit the guerrilla hideouts of the liberating fight of 1955-59.  


Agia Eirini Community Council

Information obtained from the Department of Forests website: